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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are transforming our physical world, giving us the key to unlock the limitless potential by bridging the physical and virtual worlds.


Think Virtual Experience.

The optimum between physical and virtual world.

In 2020, it was recorded that 59% of the world’s population are now online. But in a post-pandemic world, never before has there been such pressure on business owners to digitally innovate whilst cutting the fat.

At Kardia, to remain competitive in today’s digital age, every organisation must now consider itself a technology business.

By leveraging opportunities to develop digital products, and using predictive data and analytics to better understand both customers’ behaviour and internal performance, business can grow revenue, cut costs and even build additional revenue streams with new digital capabilities.

Kardia Moving Forward

Digital To Metaverse Transformation

Transforming your business into the world of Metaverse. Kardia curate personalised Metaverse for businesses with selling strategies provided while returning owners a good results by earning money from NFT, real estate, renting, advertising, fashion, education, business creation, gaming, event promotion and hosting and testing Metaverse products.

O2O Virtual Solution

The O2O is the all-in-one virtual retail platform to inspire convert and integrate to your physical store, online commerce or marketplace and the virtual platform.

Digital Assets Management

Digital first. While building a clone virtual storefont, we will store, manage, distribute, and order new 3D assets with our Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.

Digital Twin

Digital twins are software models of real-world items. It uses the information, combined with historical data, to predict a reaction or impact. This allows the twin to simulate the IRL object in real-time, provide insights and reveal potential problems or manage high-risk scenarios.

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Why prioritise digital innovation in your business?

Metaverse data

Metaverse is already seems to be the next biggest thing on world. There are growth predictions Predicts that based on current Metaverse data, the Metaverse could reach the $800 billion mark by 2024, as it is already sitting at the $47 billion mark after the pandemic happened in the 2020. It happens to estimate that the Metaverse worth higher now, as high as $500 billion worth, hitting 300000 users on Meta’s social VR platform Horizon.

Metaverse new customer experience

Metaverse is expected to have the effects of similar real life experience, but all based in a virtual world. Businesses should be able to create and control their own Metaverse only if the Metaverse built on open standards and technologies to further work on. Customers be able to put away any kinds of inconvenient when Metaverse is on hand, they could experience product digital test run, try out many options, or chat with the support team. Meaning of this is that all actions can be done in one Metaverse, instead of doing things seperately in real life.

The future of business is metaverse

Users using Virtual Reality is in a results of skyrocketing and it was estimated that by 2025, about 75% of global population will be soon a fully AR users. AR and VR is currently an essential tools in nowadays lifestyle, example like having the ability to feel the product without actually seeing it. People always wish to enjoy good and trusted product without wasting too much travelling time, the Metaverse technology now has already been solving these problems beautifully and only left the adaptation of society.

Security is more important than ever

Digital threats to businesses have never been greater. As companies move increasingly to the cloud 90% of companies now use cloud computing for some of their services) cyber attacks have increased exponentially, meaning that businesses must use technology to increase their security. Cybercriminals are getting smarter, and companies that do not keep pace with advances in security may end up paying a heavy price.

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